Newness: Tank

Newness: Tank

As we get deeper into drinking culture, our recent successes in tea, coffee and cocktails have given us the momentum to delve deeper into wine and water through the mouth-blown minimal shapes of TANK – an increasingly complete range of drinking and pouring vessels that are now also joined by some oversized flower vases and lanterns.

Tank is made from mouth‑blown clear glass, defined by their simple shapes that were inspired by the rigour of science laboratory equipment. With crisply cut and polished edges and a sharply applied band of precious metallic copper detailing, they provide the perfect functionality for modern drinking.

New additions to the family include a lantern, ice-cream bowl, a cake stand, tea-light holders, vases, decorative bowls, and beer and whiskey glasses.

Tank Glass Family 

The TANK Glass family features new beer and whiskey glasses. Clockwise, from right to left: champagne flutes, wine glass, new beer glass, high ball, low ball and new whiskey glasses. 

Tank Ice Crew bowl and Cake Stand 

We've added a cake stand and ice cream bowl to the TANK family.

Tank Family 

 New additions to the TANK family.

New for Autumn / Winter 2016: a TANK whiskey decanter and glasses.

A large lantern and tea light holders are also new additions to this best selling glasswear family.