Beside Lamps

A modern bedside lamp is an essential tool for any bedroom space, enabling late-night reading, contemplation, and relaxation after long days. Each contemporary bedside lamp in our collection is designed to suit a variety of spaces, while offering illumination that can be directed according to your needs.

Our bedside lamp collection includes design styles like our Bell range; a family of reductionist lamps that reflect the characteristics of their surroundings from highly polished surfaces. Also included is our Beat collection; elegant bedside lamps sculpted by hand by artisans in Northern India using age-old traditional brass work techniques.

Our Stone modern lamps for bedroom use are sculptural masterpieces carved from Morwad marble – the same material used to create the iconic Taj Mahal. The marble is cut wafer-thin to generate a captivating halo of light that glows through each lamp’s patterned surface. Modern bedside table lamps in the Melt collection are sure to elevate the look and feel of your personal space with their glossy polycarbonate surfaces. Explore our complete designer bedside lamp range and choose optimal illumination for your personal space.