Kitchen & Dining

The British kitchen should serve not only as a place to prepare meals and refreshments, but as a place to innovate and stimulate the senses as well. Our range of modern kitchen accessories is designed in the UK to provide a new take on the tradition of cooking, savouring, and sharing.

Tom Dixon’s designer kitchenware range includes our popular minimalist Tank collection, which takes sculptural cues from the shapes and volumes of scientific glassware. This series of luxury kitchen accessories, like many of our other ranges, includes contemporary jugs, glasses, hand-detailed whiskey decanters, stools, and other functional pieces.

Our contemporary kitchen accessories also include modern accessories to aid the classically British ritual of preparing tea, coffee, cocktails and wine at home. Fine decorative objects exude charm thanks to highly reflective, durable metals and sophisticated blown glass, promising to make every meal or drink a celebration. Browse the full range of modern kitchenware items.