Multiplex: Cinema

Multiplex: Cinema

The Cinema

Throughout Milan design festival, IKEA ran a Film Festival in the huge MULTIPLEX Cinema. Exclusive movies about creativity and radical design were shown several times a day, as well as feature films on ‘Date Nights’. We used the gigantic stage to showcase DELAKTIG, the hackable living platform Tom has designed with IKEA.

Film Schedule at Multiplex

Tom Dixon and IKEA Film schedule at Multiplex 2017

Conversational Film Series

Tom Dixon and Marcus Engman

Reggie Watts & Brianna

Michael McCarty & Pauline Matika

Jerry Casale and Gerald V. Casale

Spike Jonze & Christopher Langan

Featured Films

Tom Dixon: Yesterday Today Tomorrow

DELAKTIG: The Journey of an Idea

Sapa: Made by Aluminium

Every day and night

Also featuring the Speaker Series, Lunch Break Films  and Date Night Films

Tom Dixon and IKEA bring you the Cinema

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