Materiality: Mass

Materiality: Mass



Tom Dixon's Grand Tour: Materiality in London

We launch the new MASS collection, a family of super polished solid brass tables, coat and book stands made from the most familiar unit in furniture construction, the plank.. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, the collection’s materiality of solid brass extrusions allows it to be interpreted in multiple configurations.

We wanted to create something super-basic in terms of construction so that it’s reduced, minimal, and logical, but the opposite in aesthetics, in that it is extremely precious and desirable. ⁠The result is huge chunks of heavyweight, metallic, minimalist furniture, with over-scaled forms and instantly recognisable sculptural silhouettes.

Designed exclusively for the Materiality exhibition, a limited-edition MASS 4-Poster bed is on display in the Gallery. Adorning the MASS bed is Kvadrat’s new Sisu fabric, a thickly woven checked upholstery designed by Nanna Ditzel and Danh Vo. Kvadrat’s Sisu fabric complements the warm brass tones of the MASS family