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Home Office

Our contemporary office collections, inspired by the idea of minimalism and intuitive functionality


With the conventional office vanishing, we find ourselves engaging with our spaces in new ways. There is now a need for functional office objects that are also attractive for the home.

Upgrade your space with our extraordinary office furniture, lighting and accessories, inspired by the idea of minimalism and intuitive functionality.




Inspired by the archetypical Victorian school desk,  SLAB is a contemporary work station of inviting simplicity. Made from solid Oak construction, with softly rounded edges and understated proportions, the traditional inkwell transformed into a cable-management hole, and a deeply machined groove for pens and accessories – this desk is a domesticated all situation work station.





Illuminate the Space

Our extraordinary table lights are both statement pieces and functional objects. Each creates unique luminous effects - from BEAT, with an articulated arm to direct light, to BELL, with its soft, diffused glow.

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Desktop Peripherals

Finish your home office with our desktop peripherals, includingstatement STASH chargers and geomtric SWIRL bookends.

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