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XinTianDi Style I, Ground floor, No.123-6 Xinye Road, Shanghai, .

Tom Dixon's Shanghai flagship hub sits within a traditional Chinese building and is surrounded by Shikumen architecture. Shikumen, which translates to ‘stone gate’, is a Shanghainese architectural style which blends traditional Chinese architecture and social behaviour with elements of Western design.

Take a 360 tour of our Tom Dixon Showroom and shop our extraordinary collection.

For the hub’s design concept, Tom Dixon Studio referenced the 100-year history of the Shikumen buildings in the surrounding neighbourhood. Elements such as a prominent main entrance gate made of double wooden doors, geometric wooden patterning on the windows and a central courtyard are blended with the studio’s distinct style and an emphasis on materiality and the human senses is incorporated into the design.


Whilst the design of the exterior has been retained as a nod to the building’s history, the interior has been significantly updated to represent a minimalist, clean and industrial aesthetic. Located on the ground floor, the layout of the hub is open plan. Referencing the Shikumen organisation of spaces, the rooms are arranged around a Central Hall and Courtyard, with each room adjoining the next. The Living Room, Library, Bathroom, and Office are defined by changing typologies and products rather than walls interrupting the space. Materials that are intrinsic to the brand’s identity such as stone, metal and glass also distinguish the areas.


The hero products, which feature in the Shanghai hub include FAT, SPRING and WINGBACK, as well as pendant systems displaying multiple combinations of MELT, MIRROR BALL and BEAT. For the first time in China, Tom Dixon’s veteran Bird Chaise will be available at the new Shanghai hub.