Root Candle Medium

120,00 €

With sweet, spicy and warm notes from turmeric and ginger roots, our latest member to the Eclectic family evokes memories of the ancient world and the age of exploration. The novel extraction methods of the root oils match this original and pungent fragrance. Hand poured in India with 100% natural soy wax,  this medium Root candle is encased in a hand-spun polished brass vessel with a white marble lid, designed to be reused as a contemporary home accessory that lasts a lifetime.

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Scent notes: 

Top: Turmeric Root Oil LMR , Turmeric Leaf Oil LMR

Cod.Art. ECLC01T
Country of Manufacture India
Serie Eclectic
Profondità 8.6 cm
Larghezza 8.8 cm
Altezza 7.6 cm
Profondità della confezione 0.063
Larghezza della confezione 0.063
Altezza della confezione 0.1
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