Fog Incense Cones London

24,00 €
New to Tom Dixon, our popular woody scent is now available as an incense. Available to purchase as refills, the incense cones fit perfectly in our Fog incense holder, and have an individual burn time of 10 minutes. Available in packs of 20.
Maggiori Informazioni
Our popular woody fragrance captures the smell of red brick, London parks and the salty smell of Thames at Dagenham. Scent Notes Top: Black Pepper. Heart: Oud Wood and Vetiver. Base: Cedar Wood and Patchouli.
Cod.Art. SCEC01L
Peso 0.0012 kgs
Warranty 12 months
Country of Manufacture India
Colore Marrone
Materiale Varie
Serie Eclectic
Burn Time 10 minuti
Profondità 1.2 cm
Larghezza 1.2 cm
Altezza 3 cm
Profondità della confezione 0.11
Larghezza della confezione 0.08
Altezza della confezione 0.02
Box Weight 0kg

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