Fire Candle Medium

156,00 €

Fire is a complex assemblage of Cypriol oil, musk and amber to construct the scent of smoky scorched timber and hot dry tarmac. A celebration of the bare essentials. A scent of extreme simplicity and individual character that reflects its elemental name. Elements wax is 70% Rapeseed and 30% paraffin.

Maggiori Informazioni

Scent Notes: Cypriol oil, black suede accord, guaiac, wood oil, vertiver oil, amber, musk. Burn time: 40 hours. Designed in London. Made in the UK.

Cod.Art. ELEC01F
Country of Manufacture Regno Unito
Serie Elements
Profondità 10.2 cm
Larghezza 10.2 cm
Altezza 14.7 cm
Profondità della confezione 0.12
Larghezza della confezione 0.12
Altezza della confezione 0.17

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