Root Diffuser 0.2L

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With sweet, spicy and warm notes from turmeric and ginger roots, our latest member to the Eclectic family evokes memories of the ancient world and the age of exploration. The novel extraction methods of the root oils match this original and pungent fragrance. Hand poured in India with 100% natural soy wax,  this Root Diffuser is perfect for the contemporary home accessory that lasts a lifetime.

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Scent notes: 

Top: Turmeric Root Oil LMR , Turmeric Leaf Oil LMR

Pays de fabrication Inde
Famille Eclectic
Domestic Dishwasher Safe Non
Profondeur 8 cm
Largeur 8 cm
Hauteur 9.5 cm
Profondeur 0.08
Largeur de l'emballage 0.08
Hauteur de l'emballage 0.31

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