Tom on welding (and other things) on the Material Matters Podcast

Tom on welding (and other things) on the Material Matters Podcast

Tom Dixon on welding (and other things).

August 2019

In this episode designer Tom Dixon talks about his background in welding and quite a lot else besides. There’s his appearance on Top of the Pops, for example. And the time when a batch of furniture he’d produced for shoe designer Patrick Cox fell apart at a dinner party.

We hear what London used to be like in the ’80s and why he might have been the bass player for Pink Floyd. He also talks about his decision to join Habitat, setting up with his eponymous brand, and the importance of food to his practice…

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The idea for Material Matters with Grant Gibson is simple. In each episode the former Blueprint and Crafts editor talks to a designer/maker/architect/or artist about their relationship to a material or technique with which they’re intrinsically linked. Over the course of a forty minute interview (conducted in the subject’s studio or workshop) we find out how they came to be involved with the material in the first instance, what they love about it, and how their relationship with it has developed over time. Importantly too, we use this as a plank to talk more deeply about their career and lives.