Tom Dixon Etch - Lighting to DRINK by

Tom Dixon Etch - Lighting to DRINK by


October Lighting Month 2018

When thinking of lighting in spaces where you drink, you must strike a very careful balance between illuminating properly and creating the right mood. From statement living rooms to bars and restaurants - we use our lighting to help illuminate spaces for drinking. 

With the ETCH lights, we have tried to create a series of shadow plays and using the lamp shapes as a filtration method to create some naturalistic effects. The ETCH lamp is made from photo acid-etched stainless steel and we have pierced it with extremely fine holes, which means that we are filtering the light and allowing it also to bounce around in the interior reflective surfaces.


We have tried to create a cage around the lamp and it makes a series of extraordinary overlapping shadows. When placed in a room it can completely transform the atmosphere, casting shadows on to the walls, on to the floor and on to the ceiling. These lights also have an interesting surface texture and a complex geometry even when they are not illuminated, so they still command your attention.

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