Brighter, more efficient lighting with new LED module

Brighter, more efficient lighting with new LED module


Brighter, more efficient lighting

Our best-selling and popular lighting families just got upgraded. 


Our best-selling lighting pendants now with the integrated Tom Dixon LED ring and driver module. This new innovation in lumenosity not only makes our recognisable lighting brighter but the LED module is dimmable, offers longer LIFE expectancy, ENERGY efficiency and improved PERFORMANCE.

Mind boggling transformations are afoot in the world of illumination, where a new LED universe is being created. Brighter, flatter and cooler light sources that use a fraction of the energy have suddenly become affordable and trusted by consumers everywhere. But we haven’t been watching this revolution from the side-lines. For years we have been experimenting with new ways to use the Light Emitting Diodes.

Developed over 5 years and first introduced in 2019 the latest in high performance LED technology to enter the range is a custom-made dimmable Tom Dixon LED ring and driver module.  We've integrated the module into our existing ranges of BEAT, MELTSPRINGOPALCOPPER, MIRROR BALL and VOID.


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Tom Dixon's LED technology

LEDs are the future, as the early apprehension about the light quality and cost has been removed thanks to significant technological improvements. With recent advancements in practical applications, LEDs have liberated designers to explore a smaller, flatter more architectural approach in lighting in a way that was impossible before with Incandescent.

We know the bulb is a hallmark of the conventional light and has a very visible impact on its aesthetic, as it’s often placed right in the middle of the lamp. But we think there’s a more magical aspect than having a light bulb dangling in the middle of a lamp shade or pendant. So, we’re removing the physicality of the light source and leaving the globe or the diffuser to emit a more mysterious aspect.

LED is not a new technology, it’s almost 60 years old. But integrating the lighting source into our pendants, floor, table and surface lights is a key step to ensure they are consistently energy efficient - about 10 percent of the incandescent power use.

Our new LED module offers the three key benefits expected of this technology - longer LIFE expectancy, ENERGY efficiency and improved PERFORMANCE including dimmability and light control resulting in more functional, flexible and convenient products. Our integrated LED module is fully serviceable and replacement LED rings and drivers are available if needed. However, with a life span of 50,000 hours, if used on an average of 6 hours a day, you should not need to replace for over 20 years.


“The truth is that we're now in a position where we can't install our lights into contract projects in California, because even if we use an LED bulb inside the light, regulations insist on things being integrated so you can't take out the bulb and replace Incandescent light.

But what happens in California now, happens everywhere else later. Like legal Marijuana for instance. So, it's our equivalent of legal marijuana.


Our new integrated LEDs are dimmable, more energy efficient that incandescent bulbs and completely replaceable. They are designed to last for years but if an issue does occur then they can be easily replaced.



In 2021, we introduced a new LED unit into the BEAT collection. The upgraded lamps retain the strong, sculptural silhouettes, but are now brighter.


Tom Dixon Melt Lighting


We’ve removed the traditional bulb and liberated the mysterious molten shade with our new integrated LED ring and driver module.

 Opal Light

Opal Lighting

The spherical opalescent orb is given a mysterious aura thanks in part to the integrated LEDs in stem of the light.

 Spring Lighting

Spring Lighting

The pliant stainless-steel strips and integrated LEDs allow the shapeshifting spirographic light to be either flat-packed or extended into a full fat pumpkin shape.

The ribbons of steel which fan out from the central and integrated LED ring give it it’s compliant nature and kinetic possibilities.

Copper Lighting

Hidden from sight in the over-sized, blow moulded and perfectly reflective globe, our new integrated LED module gives COPPER a brighter aura.

Mirror Ball Lighting

Our completely spherical, highly mirrored object now projects a brighter ambient light.

Void Lighting

Futuristic forms and our integrated LEDs gives VOID an ethereal luminosity. Base metals take on much higher aspirations.


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