La Marzocco and Tom Dixon

La Marzocco and Tom Dixon

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La Marzocco X Tom Dixon

November 2018

Brewing extraordinary coffee together

Since 1927, La Marzocco have made beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines. Founded by brothers Bruno and Giuseppe Bambi, the company is staunchly proud of its Florentine roots; birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to such artistic geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi. Today, La Marzocco remain artisans, whilst offering important advancements in equipment technology to its customers and the industry. Now operating across the world, and with machines in every corner of globe, the company still produces each machine, hand crafted to order, from its Florentine factory in the Tuscan hills.

Pioneers since the beginning, La Marzocco developed and patented the world’s first horizontal coffee boiler, now an industry standard. This was the first of a series of important innovations, later to include the dual-boiler system with saturated brewing groups. La Marzocco’s penchant for innovation, coupled with their perseverance and passion, are factors that have always distinguished the company. Now over 90 years old, the company continue to live by their mission statement; manufacturing the finest specialty coffee equipment, whilst encompassing people, heritage, technology and design.

La Marzocco and Tom Dixon are naturally linked by their shared love of beautiful design and functional engineering. The BREW coffee range is the perfect symbolism of this relationship. BREW recognises coffee making as a form of art and coffee drinking as one of our few remaining contemporary rituals. The espresso cups are double-walled and heat resistant, yet striking in form. Combining intelligent engineering with elegant design, the range will take pride of place on any kitchen counter.