Illuminate your 2020

Illuminate your 2020

Illuminate your 2020


Show us how you will illuminate your homes and spaces in 2020 in order to Win! We're interested in all different types of lighting solutions to brighten your 2020, whether that's direct or diffused lighting. We'd love to see different silhouettes and shapes working together. Join in the competition for your chance to win a Tom Dixon pendant light (1st prize) of your choice, table light (2nd prize) or a candle giftsets (3rd prize).





  1. Create your own public board and name it Illuminate my 2020’. Be sure to include a description about your curated Pins.
  2. Pin 15 or more of your lighting and interior inspiration for the year ahead.
  3. Create your board by 15 December 2019.

Take a look at our board for inspiration and ideas…

Winner will be selected by Tom Dixon Studio and we'll be looking for originality and quality curation.

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 Illuminate your 2020

Tom Dixon on lighting

There’s an infinite number of ways to light a space. Ceiling lights and pendants offer a direct source from overhead, wall lights and sconces can bounce light up and down and floor lights and table lamps can direct pools of light to specific areas. Lighting sculptures can add ambience and luminescence with less obvious methods but all of which contribute to illuminating a space.


At Tom Dixon Studio we continue to explore different materials and manufacturing processes in the pursuit of finding interesting lighting solutions and arrangements. We experiment with differing shapes and sizes to create interesting effects that cast shadows, throw direct light or diffuse ambient luminescence.


Two of our most recent innovations have come in the form of the SPRING and OPAL lights. Two contrasting lighting families using differing materials and manufacturing processes to offer two unique design solutions.

Spring Light

With SPRING we used pliant stainless-steel ribbons to create a whisk-like pendant that casts an ordered but extraordinary array of shadows. Available in three sizes, from small to large, the SPRING light can be adjusted vertically to shape-shift from a flat spirograph-like light to a fatter, rounder almost pumpkin shaped pendant.

Opal FLoor Light

With OPAL we created a family of translucent globes using our own custom recipe of tinted white Opalescent polycarbonate. Semi translucent, they maintain an ethereal ghostliness in the daylight and at night form a perfectly illuminated sphere.