3D Printing in Design

3D Printing in Design


3D Printing in Design

Tom Dixon x Ultimaker

Tom Dixon joins Ultimaker to discuss the impact of 3D printing on our Design Research Studio's workflow. Watch Tom Dixon in conversion below at 16:17.


"We preferred modelling by hand for a while until the scale of machines became bigger and the precision became better. [3D Printers have] proved as an invaluable tool for us on so many levels."


"I started designing by making things with my own hands, and then moved into factory production and mainly computer-based design. I got more and more frustrated with the two dimensionality of the digital world, so what was amazing when 3D printers came along was the fact that you could take those models out and make them physical models again."



Using Ultimaker's 3D Printer, Tom Dixon's Design Research Studio have outputted a chess set. Tom Dixon will continue to use 3D Printers more and more - including for finished pieces, rather than prototypes, and custom-made pieces.




The link will provide access to downloading the design only. Tom Dixon cannot provide materials or access to a 3D printer.