24 Hours in Copenhagen

24 Hours in Copenhagen


24 Hours in Copenhagen

On Friday 4th September 2020, in Copenhagen, we embark on an ambitious events schedule rolling out over 24 hours.

Not only it is the studio’s first international event post-lockdown but it is also their first time participating in Denmark’s biggest design fair, 3 Days of Design.

"The relationship between the UK and Scandinavia has been long, complex and sometimes bloody. The connection between Tom Dixon and the Nordic countries has always been warm and positive with the superior design culture of Denmark proving to be the optimal landscape to explain our design ideas.

So, it’s with great pleasure that we will travel to Copenhagen for 24 hours to present some of our absolute newness that no one else has seen yet.

It’s now time to be more mobile, to be more flexible and reach new and existing audiences in a different way. In the coming months - if we are allowed - I’d like to roll out the concept in Milan, Shanghai, Bangkok, Nanjing, and Melbourne."