Personal Accessories

Our range of accessories makes stylish designer cables easily accessible. The collection includes items like the Stash Block luxury wireless charger station – a statement piece with a carved valet tray for your everyday carry items – and designer cable collections like the Stash Cone Lightning Cable, Stash Dome Lighting Cable, and Stash Coil Lightning Cable ranges. Each piece has been created in collaboration with Native Union to offer exceptional functionality for the busy modern professional. The Stash Dome range features extra-long USB-A stainless steel cables for comfortable device use, and a weighted magnifying glass in etched aluminium that can be anchored to any surface; the Stash Coil range boasts cables encased in silver plated metal sleeves; and the Stash Cone range allows you to conceal your cable within an aluminium cone and magnifying glass cap. Each of these accessories makes for seamless use, while amplifying your personal style at home and on the move.