Tom Dixon Octagon

Tom Dixon Octagon


Tom Dixon Roadshow

The Octagon. The Kaleidoscope. The Circus. Tom Dixon’s travelling Roadshow.




The Octagon is currently in Beijing (L3, Wang Fu Central, No.269 Wangujing street, Beijing) from 5th Dec. 2020 – 28th Feb. 2021.

Tom Dixon Octagon in Beijing

Tom Dixon Octagon in Beijing

Tom DIxon lighting designer


The Octagon Concept

There has long been a need for us to have a versatile, compact and re-usable exhibition. We want to allow a wider audience to interact with our lighting, furniture and extraordinary objects.

We’ve created the Octagon, the Tom Dixon travelling circus. A mobile, modular system, that can roll into any space. Light in weight and simple in construction. Compact and configurable to suit the exhibition and event.

The flatpack structure is easily assembled to make a pavilion of 8 vitrines.8 extraordinary spaces,8 windows into our world,8 points of view, 8 Instagram moments, 8 individual vignettes. 8 physical, real life realities, 8 Tom Dixon universes, 8 Pop-up shops.

The Octagon will not just function as a multi-faceted exhibition.It will host Pop-up Shops and concessions Become an Art Gallery or Disco. We’ll invite Partner Takeovers. Enable it to become a communication and media hub.

We’ll adapt. We’ll embark on a journey traveling from city to city, arriving on key dates to celebrate events such as design weeks, trade fairs and art biennials. The Octagon. Coming and going soon. Check our Instagram @tomdixonstudio for the latest.


See the first Tom Dixon Roadshow in Shanghai.


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