The conventional office is rapidly vanishing under a series of challenges from new working practices, mobile communications and a demand for total flexibility.

A more domestic, more human aesthetic is fast becoming the required backdrop for the newly blurred distinctions between work, home and entertainment spaces. Our adventures in designing hotels, restaurants, clubs and homes have shown us that there is a need for versatile, hardwearing and functional objects for work, that are attractive enough to be used in domestic and decorative situations.

A functional, practical and beautifully engineered task light.


This functional, practical and beautifully engineered task light takes its inspiration from generations of draughtsman's and machinists lamps, reduced to a series of cylinders, tubes and junctions arranged in a minimalist sculptural composition. It’s the ultimate understated lighting option for a multitude of interiors.

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Cube Alloy by Tom Dixon


The paperless office was an interesting dream, as was the idea that everything would move online and life would be lived through the screen - but we know that people still cherish an analogue life - the papers, the pens, the keys and physical objects that continue to give us manual satisfaction. These solid cast zinc alloy desk accessories have a reassuringly solid, minimal and indestructible presence that give a sense of authority and permanence to any work situation, and will live on way beyond the lifetime of your latest electronic fripperies and gadgets.





Inspired by the archetypical Victorian school desk, this contemporary work station is equally comfortable as a hotel room desk or a dressing table. Made from solid Oak construction, with softly rounded edges and understated proportions, the traditional inkwell transformed into a cable management hole, and a deeply machined groove for pens and accessories – this desk is a domesticated all situation work station for laptops, for makeup, for sketching or for fiddling around on Instagram.

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 lab is an alternative for the future office that is looking for more natural alternatives.


The office world is awash with functional clinical and efficient systems. Slab is an alternative for the future office that is looking for more natural alternatives. With softly rounded edges, solid materiality and bold cable management slots, it's the solid and honest desking system for the rapidly emerging co-working space.

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 Sharp clean and light, the metal and the scent share common core characteristics.


Versatile and hardwearing, our tables are designed to fit a variety of environments including offices, cafes, restaurants and domestic settings. Seven bases and eighteen tops in different shapes, sizes and finishes, including our new fumed wood and green marble, create 90 combinations to choose from.

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