Multiplex: Galleria

Multiplex: Galleria


Galleria at Multiplex

In the Galleria Manzoni, a classic shopping arcade is brought to life with a multitude of boutiques, some created by us to highlight our newest products, some curated or collaborated on with our friends. The Galleria hosts: The CHANDELIER store, a celebration of luminosity in the year of Euroluce, showcasing our latest adventures in futuristic optics; The HABERDASHERY shop, where we’ve finally gone soft with our new SUPERTEXTURE range; The PERFUMERY, where our new olfactory adventures come to life, The ANTIQUE centre, where our veterans are coming home and sit in a collector’s environment; The RUBBER shop - Pirelli motorbikes and oil spill, rubber and chewing gum, all get dark and dirty in the workshop.

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Chandelier Store at Multiplex Haberdashery at Multiplex

Chandelier Store

At the front of the Galleria we're showcasing our latest adventures in optics & reflectivity. In the Year of Euroluce we are celebrating luminosity with a series of pendants which are another leap forward in our deep investigation of futuristic optics.

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After years of shiny metallics we’ve finally gone a little bit soft. Housed inside our Haberdashery are our new SUPER-TEXTURES. Our first foray into weaving, sewing and embellishing where we look at extreme textures of velvets, boucles and knits.

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Antique Store at Multiplex Perfumery at Multiplex Rubber Workshop at Multiplex

Antique Centre

The first stop in the Multiplex Galleria is the Antique shop. Working with Giustini Stagetti we're selected pieces from the 1930s onwards and included our Veterans: Bird, Pylon and S Chair.

We are also showing the original Jack prototype, an aluminium dodecahedron, sits on a bed of blue moss from Freud moss manufacturers.

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In the Perfumery shop at Multiplex you can browse and buy our latest scent collections. Working with La Rinascente we've created a steamy space full of fragrance and flavour with a black moss backdrop by Freud moss.

Serving daily we have Gelato by Carpigian made with our edible Eclectic range created with Antonella Bondi served in limited edition 1882ltd ceramic cones.

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Rubber Workshop

Curated by tyre giant Pirelli and Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi – showcasing for the first time a Tom Dixon x Moto Guzzi bike and limited-edition tyres designed by Tom. Arabeschi di Latte and Fernando Laposse, wearing uniforms by Bill Amberg are helping us make our very own black chewing gum. The ingredients stored in ceramics by 1882 ltd. To catch the oily drips we’ve laid smokey carpets by ege and we’re illuminating the space with Tube lights.

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Our partners at Multiplex

Office Sonos IKEA PS


In the Office, our Workspace collections including Slab desks, Boom lights and Y chairs, are put to use. Several Y chairs have been customised by Rag a Muf, a new Finnish textiles manufacturer. The covers and handmade by Syrian refugee women from textile surplus and can be stretch over a variety of chairs and sofa.


The most audible of spaces in the Galleria, the Sonos shop can be heard all around Multiplex. You can experience to full force of their new Playbase speaker system which they've also deconstructed and mounted on the wall.


The IKEA PS shop is stacked full of items for the fiercely independent. Specially selected items from the world's largest furniture makers for the more free-thinking, stuff aimed at people not asking for permission or approval – something we do on a daily basis.

Office Compac Mabeo


A social project striving to design beautiful handmade objects for the interior while creating jobs for otherwise unemployed people worldwide.


In collaboration with acclaimed artist and designer Arik Levy the luxury surface brand has set up a shop in the Galleria. 


Sitting alongside the Office, Mabeo has a shop full of products that echo the rich aesthetic heritage of Africa, using a universal language of simplicity, and conscientious use of natural materials.

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