The New, the Silver, the Black and the Blue

The New, the Silver, the Black and the Blue

The New, the Silver, the Black and the Blue

 April 2018

2018 sees us institute a fresher crisper colour palette with a rigorous application of a super glossy black, a sharp, precise stainless steel and a pop art electric blue. These are new elements in our design toolkit and become the building blocks of our future interior design aesthetic.  

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This season we launch a series of recognizable silhouettes rethought through the power of colour – a crisper, fresher and more directional palette evolving from the warm tones of copper and brass we have enjoyed in recent years. This year we take our cues from pop art and colour psychology and rethink our lighting as space-age stainless satellites or mysterious glossy black illuminations. Fresh aesthetics for modern living in our pendants, surface lights and furniture. All new product is launching on 16th April 2018 on - shop now.

Tom Dixon's new blue lighting


Electric blue becomes our latest and most visible metallic yet. Resurfaced with the latest techniques in metal finishing, the hard wearing layer of blue on the Bell table light is created though the futuristic technique of Physical Vapour Deposition. We have also stripped our Copper shades and dipped them in vibrant blue glaze with extraordinary effect. Transformed into unapologetic orbs of pure colour with a touch of Jeff Koons showmanship, they hang overhead like weightless helium balloons.

Tom Dixon's new black lighting


Fetishistic glossy Black is a current favourite. Engineered in our German partner factories, this lustrous black lacquer has been popular on traditional Japanese lacquer furniture or in Bauhaus interiors. The Copper pendants and Bell Table light are transformed by the application of the slick glossy black with a high-shine silver interior to produce a greater light quality than ever before.

The latest colour of the Melt pendant is black smoke. This lamp is now coated with a layer of translucent pigment that transforms this unique lamp into an even more magical object as we experiment with the boundaries of luminosity, semi transparence and reflectivity.  

Tom Dixon's new silver lighting


Space-age and luminous, Silver is the reflective finish taking us boldly into the near future of interior decoration. This season we launch Bell table light – SUPERSIZED – sleek, silver and perfectly reflective, and we update Scoop chair – high and low – with high-shine silver legs. We also bring back Top, a series of ethereal satellites that filter a warm light through pierced sheets of stainless steel. Hygienic, long lasting stainless steel is polished, pierced and formed into an understated illumination.

All new product is launching on 16th April 2018 on Shop now.