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Our limited-edition, 100% recyclable chair



On 13th April, as part of 24 Hours in Milan, Tom Dixon premiered HYDRO, the brand’s limited-edition chair created in collaboration with Hydro, the biggest aluminium producer in the world. The 60 limited-edition chairs have all been signed and numbered. They are being sold exclusively on Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon hubs around the world and selected international partners: Wallpaper* Store and SSENSE.



Watch Tom's exploration of HYDRO below.



Watch the manufacturing process of HYDRO below.



Tom had been looking into developing an aluminium chair for both indoor and outdoor use. The references he was using were images of racing seats in 1950s sports cars, that had a very deep, bucket-seat aspect. 


However, Tom wanted to see if he could press it into one piece for a “more pure, minimal and modern” design. The biggest challenge in this was the bending of the metal.


“I have been trying to make metal chairs for 30 years, and this one took me at least 3 years to get right." - Tom Dixon.



Tom Dixon holding the HYDRO Chair

Hydro Chairs





The HYDRO chair is an innovation in aluminium technology. It has been blow-formed (through a process called Superplastic Forming) at high temperatures and then laser cut by robots. 


“I have always been obsessed with materials and aluminium in particular. It’s a metal I find incredibly interesting with its endless opportunities in terms of shapes and surface qualities." 


Admit growing environmental awareness, sustainability was at the forefront of Tom’s mind. Tom Dixon partnered with Hydro, the sub-suppliers to Tesla, as they produce 70% of their aluminium by renewable energy sources. In this way, the HYDRO Chair was produced with recyclable aluminium that has a lower CO2 footprint than the global average.


As aluminium is one of the few materials that can be recycled endlessly without losing its properties, it is an ideal material for a circular economy. 



Close up of a HYDRO Chair under a Globe Pendant Light

Close up of a HYDRO Chair under a Globe Pendant Light




The ballooned pattern gives strength and rigidity, as well as lending a soft and humorous pop aesthetic. Useable indoors and out, HYDRO's extreme lightness and stackability make it not just a desirable sculpture but also a highly practical chair.


 The 60 limited-edition chairs have all been signed and numbered.