For our modern pendant lights, we’ve used innovative blow moulding and vacuum metallisation technologies to craft some of our most recognisable designer pendant lights, including those in our Melt, Copper, and Mirror Ball collections. The result of our efforts is a series of modern ceiling pendant lights comprised of sleek spheres, melting orbs, and mirrored lamps that exude abundant illumination. Many of our contemporary pendant lights also embrace global techniques to achieve their unusual appeal. Our Beat pendants are crafted from hand-spun brass sculpted by artisans in Northern India; a nod to the traditional brass work techniques used in the region to create robust water vessels. We’ve drawn inspiration from this craftsmanship to create contemporary pendant lights that offer sculptural simplicity and thoughtful functionality in tandem. Each of our large luxury pendant lights can be hung in unique configurations to enhance and suit your space. Hand them individually for a subtle yet definite visual statement, or create imaginative lighting clusters alongside our designer floor lights that demand to be admired.