The Veterans

The Veterans


The Veterans

Three instantly recognisable designs brought back home: BIRD, S-CHAIR, PYLON


Initially manufactured in Tom’s London metalwork shop many moons ago – and subsequently under license for 20 years of Italian production - these instantly recognisable designs are finally brought back home. Re-engineered, recoloured and reinvigorated for relaunch, their graphic, pop-art silhouettes feel just as fresh today as they did yesterday and will still be collector’s pieces tomorrow. The Veterans include: Bird Chaise, S-Chair and Pylon Chair.


Bird Chaise

Bird Chaise with Melt Gold Stand Chandelier

The BIRD chaise is a bold sculptural statement that is destined to bring extra colour, shape, movement and comfort into any space. The rare and unusual furniture typology of the rocking chaise longue is explored in a monolithic form, carefully balanced to encourage a gentle rocking motion, with its gentle curves and reduced silhouette.


BIRD was first made in 1990 in galvanised steel in Tom Dixon’s south London Metal shop and subsequently produced under license to Cappellini. We are now proud to bring the big Bird home to roost in its original home.


S Chair


Born in Tom’s 80s London workshop, our S Chair is the prequel to its sibling still produced in Italy by legendary furniture company Cappellini. Re-engineered to take account of the latest developments in manufacturing technology, the original three-dimensional form is now moulded in an industrial hard/soft foam with a pure new wool cover; the instantly recognisable serpentine curves are now more comfortable and ergonomically active than ever.

It now sits proudly on its steering-wheel inspired cast iron base.

Existing in a multitude of historic versions in the permanent collections of Museums, from the MOMA New York to the V&A London, the exciting adventures of ‘S’ look set to continue into the distant future. 



Originally created on a self-propelled mission to design the world's lightest metal chair, PYLON was made in a small series in Tom Dixon's metal workshop in the early 90's. The PYLON collection is a set of semi-transparent and lightweight occasional pieces. They are a light, strong, sculptural celebration of the triangle's simple symmetrical shape. 


The lattice work of 3mm diameter steel rod is triangulated for maximum strength - an exercise in pure unadorned structure. The original inspirations which ranged from early computer programming, electricity pylons and architectural models of bridges are clearly visible in this joyful exercise in self-taught structural engineering. Whilst possibly not being the most comfortable chair in the world, is certainly one of the most recognisable and unique.

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