Pebble Marble

Pebble Marble



Our latest exploration in marble, featured in our new STONE tables


Our long-term obsession with marble continues and has inspired a new collection of table-tops. Introducing PEBBLE, a naturally occurring, colourful marble, with random flashes of green, pink and red across its surface.

The pattern of the naturally colourful marble is due to the crustal movement changes in the process of lava extrusion, developed over millions of years. The longer it calcifies in the ground, the more colourful the marble becomes.

The PEBBLE marble tops feature in the new STONE tables; a set of three crisp and smartly detailed side tables available in square, circle and rectangle designs, complemented with a glossy black base.



Choose Your Base, Make It Your Own

PEBBLE can also be mixed and matched with the FAN, SCREW and TUBE bases and is available in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm dimensions. Each heavyweight table-top is unique, depending on the block of marble it was carved from. Choose your base and make it your own.