(HOW TO) Brew the Perfect Cup

(HOW TO) Brew the Perfect Cup


(HOW TO) Brew the Perfect Cup

Tea has a balancing effect on the body & the mind

When Tina Hueg launched Cocoon Tea Artisans in 2017, in Copenhagen, she wanted to serve “not just another cup of tea.” Good tea is a credit to its maker. While much fun is made of coffee pedantry, its signifier of yuppie culture run amok, we continue to treat our tea brewing methods without irony. Hence “artisans”, erring on the side of craftsmanship, suggesting that a good cuppa can be its own perfect creation — which, well, why shouldn’t it be?

Cocoon is different, then; whole leaf tea cocooned in pyramid shaped bags, unfolding in water to release their vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. According to Hueg, the bags protect the tea, “just like a real cocoon”, the silky tea bags floating as though directly in the water. Gone are the stale tastes of chemically-affected traditional tea bags (often with chlorine); replaced with the organic touch of Cocoon’s cocoons. Yes, it’s more than tea. Leaves suspending and unfolding within a specially-designed case, melding into water to form another, more complete, whole; Cocoon Tea Artisans earns the level of craftsmanship signified by its name.

Hence its prestigious International ”Great Taste Award”, achieved for their Oolong Tea. The cocoon, the leaves, the release, the aroma—tea turns a daily habit into a joy for Hueg: “I lived in Paris and experienced those little shops with “artisan” written on the door that oozed of craftsmanship, passion and ambition. When entering one of those shops you were always met by a unique atmosphere that stays with you forever. It’s that feeling I am striving to create with Cocoon Tea Artisans.”

But how to revitalise one of design’s less sexy pieces—the tea caddy, evoking kitchens of kitsch—and modernise it with Cocoon’s clean lines and smooth shapes? Hueg claimed “The smooth shape, and colour, were chosen as an inspiration of nature, and for a cashmere feel. The relaxing colour and shape should draw people to a moment to stop, reflect, and relax.” To Cocoon, and Hueg, this is important: “Tea is more than just drinking a cup of tea. Tea is an aesthetic moment. It connects people.

Tina’s Tips on brewing the perfect cup

Brewing Time 

Find your own brewing time. It is always interesting to taste the tea just when it has been brewed and then again after 3 minutes, and wait for a couple of minutes to drink the rest. The taste will develop beautifully.”


The water’s temperature is very important when brewing the perfect cup of tea as it has a big impact on the taste. But that is not all. The temperature also plays a big part when it comes to releasing the valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our teas have to offer. That is why we have a recommended temperature on all of our blends.

The Cup 

This might sound silly, but the cup you choose is also important. Some cups are better at making the aroma or flavor stay longer. So try a few different ones before you decide which one is your favourite.


Brew with FORM

Form is a well-proportioned and rigorously detailed solid brass tea set. Described as Bauhaus, Space Age or Art Deco, we believe this combination of polished gold colouring and black Bakelite sits comfortably in any setting. The family also includes delicate handmade dishes.

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