The highly mrirored orb


Obsessed with spherical objects and in our perpetual quest for the purest forms, GLOBE stands out as the most minimal of the lot. Made from polycarbonate, GLOBE is highly mirrored and perfectly reflective during the day. When switched on, it reveals a multiplicity of internal reflections.


"A sphere is the most perfect geometric object, and we wanted to do the absolute bare minimum to let the shape shine through." - Tom Dixon.⁠ ⁠


Unlike other lighting objects, which have external mirrored finishes, GLOBE is mirrored on the inside. This allows us to get a perfect finish, the flawless sphere, with physical protection from external scratching.


GLOBE features our new custom LED module; giving longer life expectancy, energy efficiency and improved performance. Read more about our new LEDs here.


Reminiscent of ancient witches balls -  hollowed spheres of coloured glass which were used to ward off evil spirits - GLOBE is available in copper and chrome finishes. It is available as a pendant light, floor light and chandelier – BURST.




BURST is Tom Dixon's largest and latest chandelier to date. This enormous lighting fixture is made up of 12 spherical GLOBE orbs which explode from a single point. ⁠With its heroic proportions, BURST is intended for filling larger spaces and ceiling voids.


"We've found more and more spaces where you need a much larger than life lamp." - Tom Dixon.⁠


Inspired by Tom Dixon's interest in molecular structures and the forward-thinking space-age, BURST has a geometric configuration and chrome aesthetic.


Learn more about BURST below.





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