The Globe Family

You can probably tell that we are obsessed with spherical objects. In our perpetual quest for the purest forms, Globe stands out as the most minimal of the lot. A spherical orb, highly mirrored and perfectly reflective during the day, when switched on reveals a multiplicity of internal reflections from the integral LED. As part of 24 Hours in Milan, we launched BURST, the brand’s largest chandelier to date.

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Opal Mini Round Pendant System

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1.950,00 €
Opal Pendant System is a chandelier featuring five small Opal ceiling lights and a white round canopy. Each light is made using a high tech manufacturing technique in German, and we have designed our own recipe of opalescent polycarbonate, resulting in satisfyingly ethereal orb. Coupled with our new Tom Dixon LED, the five shatter proof Opal pendants emit a soft, diffused and flattering light.
Weitere Informationen
The archetypical silhouette of Opal allows for use in the most minimal of settings. The light’s strong constitution of shatter proof polymer makes it indestructible in contract use and the soft glow makes it desirable in domestic decoration. The versatile Opal family includes a 25cm and 50cm Pendant, a Floor light and a 25cm Surface light.
Artikelnummer OLPS0101-PEUM2
Warranty 3 years
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Material Polycarbonat
Farbe Schwarz/Weiß
Produktfamilie Globe
Bulb Included Ja
Kabeloberfläche Schwarzer Stoff
Größe 73cm/28.74in
Höhe 140cm/55.1in
Verpackungstiefe See Technical Specification
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Verpackungshöhe See Technical Specification
Verpackungsgewicht See Technical Specification

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