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Diffuser Cage

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Cage is a candle-powered table top turbine, engineered to diffuse, accelerate and quickly propel fragrances to all parts of your interior. Manufactured from finely etched stainless steel, this ingenious and original kinetic product is both magical and functional. Using a single tea light that both warms the scented oil and spins the inbuilt fan, we have created an innovative slow-tech response to the plastic electronic diffusers that increasingly saturate the market.

The ultimate scent diffuser.

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Manufactured from finely etched stainless steel.

Artikelnummer SCD01SS
Gewicht 0.17 kgs
Produktfamilie Eclectic
Domestic Dishwasher Safe Nein
Tiefe 11 cm
Größe 11 cm
Höhe 24 cm
Verpackungstiefe 0.12
Verpackungsbreite 0.12
Verpackungshöhe 0.27
Verpackungsgewicht 0.2kg
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