The Factory - Kings Cross

The Factory - Kings Cross

The Factory

Kings Cross

Open May 2018 - Book your place now

Inspired by our fascination for manufacturing and craftsmanship, the Factory is an open workshop where we make things, test ideas, create prototypes and engage directly with our customers.


Tom says: ‘Our Studio has been characterised from its earliest beginnings by a fascination for manufacturing, whether that be craft or heavy industry, precision digitalised machinery or handwork, and as we moved into our new Hub, we felt an urgent desire to start making stuff ourselves again…’


We have dedicated a space that will serve as a pre-production small batch manufacturing workshop where ideas can be tested out, prototypes created and a direct conversation with the customer can take place, as this Factory is not hidden deep in the recesses of the building but is the Entrance to our shop.

Make your own ETCH lighting pendant at the Factory - Book your place here.