Materialism Candle Giftset

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Alloy: Gravity cast aluminium vessel, made from steel moulds. Machined back on the base, top and inside of the vessel. Embossed branding included as part of the mould.

Oil: Glass vessel, mouth blown into a metal mould to create surface texture, this product is then painted black and finished with an irridescent paint and metalic decal.

Quartz: Glass vessel, pulled, pressed and stretched into an unexpectedly complex and unique container. A metalic decal is applied on the base to finish.

Stone: Marble vessel turned and polished back to ensure smooth even finish. Brass branding plate applied to the base to finish.

Family Materialism
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Width 6-8cm/2.36-3.35in
Height 7.5cm/2.95in
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The Materialism Family

Materiality is an underlying theme in all our work, from the rawness of cast metals and precious stone to the surface possibilities of vacuum metallised plastics or the malleable quality of molten glass. Materialism gives an extra tactile dimension to the objects we mould, carve and cast, creating a synergy between container and scent in Cork, Terrazzo, Stone, Alloy and Oil.


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