Limited Edition HYDRO ChairLimited Edition HYDRO Chair


HYDRO is a limited-edition chair created in collaboration with HYDRO, the biggest aluminium producer in the world. The HYDRO chair is an innovation in aluminium technology. It has been blow-formed (through a process called Superplastic Forming) at high temperatures and then laser cut by robots.

Useable indoors and out, its extreme lightness and stackability make it not just a desirable sculpture, but also a highly practical chair. Manufactured in Canada by sub-suppliers to Tesla, the HYDRO chair is one hundred per cent recyclable.

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Beat FamilyBeat Family


Beat is a celebration of the beauty of things created by hand. Hand-raised, welded, beaten and finally skimmed on a lathe, the Beat shades retain hammer marks from their forming and emit an atmospheric, ambient quality of light.

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Bell Table LightsBell Table Lights


An exercise in reductionism, Bell is a dome suspended over a dome formed of plated pressed steel. Highly engineered with no visible fixings, Bell's reflective surface allows it to take on the characteristics of its surroundings.

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Copper Pendant SystemCopper Pendant System


Intended to create an extravagantly proportioned spotlight that could warm the greenish hue of early LEDs, Copper is an over-sized, blow moulded and perfectly reflective globe that kick started the recent craze for copper in interiors the world over.

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Cut Gold PendantsCut Gold Pendants


Futuristic and faceted, Cut's space-age mirror finish when off transforms to reveal a translucent kaleidoscopic gem when switched on. Hypnotising reflections of the luminous orb within repeat infinitely within the diamond cut, vacuum metallised interior.

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Etch Brass PendantsEtch Brass Pendants


Inspired by the logic of pure mathematics, the Etch range is a series of geodesic structures made of razor, thin digitally etched metal sheets tabbed together like Victorian tin toys. The pendants and tea light holders feature a detailed pattern which casts a mass of intricate shadows when lit. 

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Melt LED LightsMelt LED Lights


Obsessed with the idea of creating an imperfect, organic and naturalistic lighting object, Melt was created in collaboration with FRONT – a Swedish design collective. The Melt range of ceiling, wall, table and floor lights is evocative of molten glass, the interior of a melting glacier, or images of deep space.

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Mirror Ball PendantsMirror Ball Pendants


Sometimes your biggest failure could be your biggest success. The aim was to produce a completely spherical, highly mirrored object that would disappear into its surroundings. Mirror Ball does the opposite - an ultravisible, highly reflective object that mirrors its environment.

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Plane ChandelierPlane Chandelier


Characterised by its simplicity and bold geometry, Plane is an excercise in expressive minimalism. A family of lights showcasing a series of basic graphic silhouettes made from a brass-plated steel frame and a double-layered white glass sphere creating a mysterous optical illusion.

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Spot Surface LightsSpot Surface Lights


Highly functional and unexpectedly decorative, Spot lamps comprise a stainless steel body and a massively thick, glass lens, designed to refract the light of the integrated LED bulbs. Available surface light or pendant form, in a copper or glossy black finish.

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Spring PendantsSpring Pendants


Spring is a series of three pendant lamps made up of stainless-steel strips. Pliant ribbons of stainless steel have been arranged like a whisk around our custom-made Tom Dixon LED. The semi-transparent shape can be adjusted to a variety of silhouettes.

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Stone Table LightStone Table Light


Stone is inspired by the materiality of the marble used to build the Taj Mahal. The hard, semi-precious surface which bears a unique fingerprint has transfixed architects, sculptors and designers for millennia - tough yet tactile, heavy and long-lasting.

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Void Surface LightsVoid Surface Lights


Inspired by the metallic shades of Olympic medals, Void is a mysterious lighting object that explores the sculptural beauty of a reflective metal form. This collection is the result of a challenge to create a luminous pendant that conceals its light source.

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Opal is a family of translucent globes using our own custom recipe of tinted white Opalescent polycarbonate. Semi translucent, they maintain an ethereal ghostliness in the daylight and at night form a perfectly illuminated sphere.

Coupled with our new Tom Dixon LED, Opal emits a soft, diffused and flattering light.

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Opal FamilyOpal Family

Bash FamilyBash Family


Appropriately named, Bash vessels are formed from a single brass sheet and hammered into shape by hand, creating an expressive crumpled form. These decorative objects are ideal for use as a vase, fruit bowl or as a contemporary sculpture.

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Brew FamilyBrew Family


Recognising coffee making as a form of art and coffee drinking as one of our few remaining contemporary rituals, Brew is hyper-reflective, functionally rigorous and designed to take pride of place on any kitchen counter, bar or occasional table.

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Eclectic FamilyEclectic Family


Recognising that first impressions and memories are connected to the sense of smell, Tom Dixon’s journey into the world of fragrance started with Eclectic; a collection inspired by the brand’s origins as a true Londoner, made in the UK.

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Elements FamilyElements Family


Elements is inspired by the medieval alchemist and eastern philosopher’s quest to reduce all matter to four simple elements; four scents of extreme simplicity and individual character that reflect their elemental names of Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

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Form FamilyForm Family


Form is a well-proportioned and rigorously detailed solid brass tea set. Described as Bauhaus, Space Age or Art Deco, this combination of polished gold colouring and black Bakelite sits comfortably in any setting. The family also includes delicate handmade dishes.

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Plum FamilyPlum Family


Plum is fabricated from mouth blown, hand cut glass in a deep inky blue combined with highly polished, copper plated stainless-steel components. An expressive sculptural functionality for the restaurant, bar or home that reworks cocktail culture and updates drinking traditions.

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Spin CandleabrasSpin Candleabras


An industrial-strength piece of table-top engineering designed to act as a kinetic centerpiece and produce infinite arrangements. Spin takes its construction from the robust components of bridges and engines from the Victorian era; a revolution (literally) in candlestick holders with an adaptable design.

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Tank Wine Glasses and DecanterTank Wine Glasses and Decanter


Tank takes its sculptural cue from the functional shapes and volumes of scientific glassware. Minimal yet decorative for a multiplicity of purposes of drinking, pouring, storing and displaying food and drink, the range forms bold building blocks of table-top architecture.

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Cloud FamilyCloud Family


Cloud is a family of bulbous and sculptural pieces made of highly reflective polished aluminium. The collection includes a platter, bowl, short and tall vessel which are expressive handmade artefacts that are hammered and braised in India by skilled artisans.

All of the products are significant in size, and the vessels are water tight so can be used for floral arrangements, and are also dry-food safe.

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Fan FamilyFan Family


Fan is a modern take on the classical Windsor chair. A British archetype converted to a contemporary silhouette, creating an exclamation mark in the home with a semi-transparent structure that takes up minimal visual mass for a large and imposing chair.

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Fat Stool and Lounge ChairFat Stool and Lounge Chair


Fat is designed to hug the body and allows for multiple sitting positions. The extreme simplicity of the components is a testament to form following function, whilst maintaining a humorous silhouette and a reductionist aesthetic.

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Flash Primavera TablesFlash Primavera Tables


Flash is a series of sophisticated tables with an uncompromising metallic surface. Available in brass, glossy black and most recently a flashy marbled Primavera, the mirrored glass top and sturdy base result in a table that is both sleek and reflective.

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Mass TableMass Table


Mass is made of a mango wood composite structure which provides great solidity, weight and strength and each piece is hand finished with a brass cladding. This handmade process offers an extremely attractive finish that suits Mass’s humble and minimal form.

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Scoop ChairsScoop Chairs


Whether employed as a dining chair or side chair, Scoop is all about comfort. Generously proportioned with a seat that, as its name suggests, has a scooped shape, designed to hold the sitter in a comforting embrace.

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Screw FamilyScrew Family


Screw uses typical reinforcement details and functions, like a piece of traditional workshop equipment. In a nod to London’s industrial past it is also made with materials and processes associated with the Industrial Revolution.

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Slab ChairsSlab Chairs


Celebrating the natural beauty of oak, the Slab collection is a robust piece constructed in angular forms of inviting simplicity. Each piece has generous proportions, solid materiality and is softened with a gently radius edge. 

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Swirl FurnitureSwirl Furniture


Swirl is a series of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create multidimensional, functional sculptures. A family of home accessories and tables, each with their own distinct silhouette, colouration and personality.

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Wingback was inspired by traditional 17th century Wingback and balloon-back archetypes, and was developed for Shoreditch House Members Club.

Its expressive sweeping curves allows designers to specify Wingback in the centre of spaces as a sculptural intervention rather than merely a piece of seating.

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Wingback FamilyWingback Family