Eclectic Double Bottle Stand

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With the addition of two new fragrances and a refreshed vessel, comes a set of bottle stands to complement our existing wash collection. Available in single and double bottle configurations, the stands are made from the same marble used in the Palace of Taj Mahal and serve as generous platforms for our wash and balm collection.

Material Marble
Family Scent Eclectic
Depth 9cm / 3.5in
Width 18.5cm / 7.2in
Height 2.6cm / 1 in
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The Scent Eclectic Family

There are a series of intangibles that can be just as important in interior-design as colour, luminosity and shape. Often, the most potent first impression and subsequent memory of a space can be its smell. This scent collection evokes historical memories of British life, of travelling and trading across the globe and returning to the gritty smells of modern international London.


Tom Dixon | Eclectic Double Bottle Stand