Materialism Giftset

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The Materialism Giftset is a multifaceted collection of scents and containers in miniature format featuring the latest additions to our Materialism collection: Terrazzo and Cork, alongside Stone, Alloy and Oil.

Ingredients: Natural Soy and Paraffin Wax.

Family Materialism
Box Weight 1.3lb
Box Depth 44.6cm/17.84in
Box Width 11.3cm/4.52in
Box Height 12.3cm/4.92in
Depth 44.6cm / 17.5in
Width 11.2cm / 4.4in
Height 12.2cm / 4.8 in
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The Materialism Family

<p>Materiality is an underlying theme in all our work, from the rawness of cast metals and precious stone to the surface possibilities of vacuum metallised plastics or the malleable quality of molten glass. Materialism gives an extra tactile dimension to the objects we mould, carve and cast, creating a synergy between container and scent in Cork, Terrazzo, Stone, Alloy and Oil.</p>


Tom Dixon | Materialism Giftset