LED Lights

Our investigations into LED’s have resulted in a diverse range of designer LED lights that feature in all our best-selling lights. Our lights include a Tom Dixon LED ring and driver module, which has created a brighter look, dimmable functionality, longer life expectancy, and improved energy efficiency and performance.

The modern LED chandeliers in our exclusive range include pieces from the Stone, Globe, Mirror Ball, and Spring families. Stone’s luxury LED lights glimmer upon a durable, semi-precious marble surface; Globe captivates with pure spherical shapes in a range of opalescent finishes; and Mirror Ball cleverly reflects its surroundings while projecting downward ambient light. Spring uses pliant stainless-steel ribbons to create a unique geometric look, and Melt invokes the transience of melting glacial ice with a range of organic forms. Our modern LED chandeliers each exude their own character and appeal and can be hung alone or clustered in groups for a more extravagant arrangement. Browse the complete collection to find luxury LED lights that make a statement.