Cut Chrome Mega Pendant System

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Cut Mega is an extraordinary chandelier featuring six Cut Short and five Cut Tall pendants in a contemporary Chrome finish. The shades half metallised surfaces create extraordinary optical effects that reflect and enhance their environment. Each pendant is made using a high tech manufacturing technique in Germany - and cut as a diamond in order to increase its luminosity.
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The range is blow moulded and vacuum metallised - techniques that have been developed over several years, working with German engineering and manufacturing experts. Cut also comes as a Trio Round Chandelier, Tall and Short pendant, and surface light. Available in a contemporary Gold finish.
Warranty 3 years
Material Polycarbonate
Finish Polished
Colour Chrome
Family Cut
Box Depth 0
Box Width 0
Box Height 0
Depth 173cm / 68.1in
Width 173cm / 68.1in
Height 146cm / 57.4 in
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The Cut Family

<p><span>Hypnotising reflections of the luminous orb repeat infinitely within the diamond cut, vacuum metallised interior. </span>Our long-lasting fascination with the optical possibilities of reflectivity has led us to create a fourth dimension.</p>


Tom Dixon | Cut Chrome Mega Pendant System