FIBRE Limited Edition Lampshade

FIBRE Limited Edition Lampshade



Handmade, limited edition lampshades

Launching on Earth Day - 22.04.2020 available for pre-order at

To mark Earth Day this year we are launching a project between Tom Dixon and Tikau.

“For years we have been collaborating with Indian craftsmen, engineers and entrepreneurs and treasured the knowledge and skills that the subcontinent still excels at. There have long been rural communities that face immense challenges in getting their craft output to market, and these challenges are now multiplied and disproportionately magnified by the current lockdown in India. We have been meaning to collaborate with Tikau for a while and there is no better time than NOW to support their social enterprise model when these makers face destitution in their villages as the market and the orders vanish.”

- Tom Dixon

 Tikau and Tom Dixon

Tikau and Tom Dixon have decided to launch an initiative to develop a design to provide livelihoods for discriminated Indian communities in their homes in rural India. All the proceeds from the sales will be donated locally in India to help vulnerable communities in coming months.


Banana-fibre hanging lampshades, being developed and produced by women artisans in southern India, are the result of this cooperation. We are launching these designs right now – to support the artisans in this crisis. The proceeds will support the livelihoods of artisans and village communities in the acute hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to secure food, hygiene, sanitation, medical needs and health care, and sharing up-to-date information.

“All the proceeds will be donated to help vulnerable communities in Tikau’s Indian target areas during the coming months. We appreciate Tom Dixon for this collaboration. We are very thankful for all support and orders. At the same time we want to inspire and challenge everyone to participate and share their ideas about how we can creatively increase global wellbeing through design.”

Taina Snellman-Langenskiöld

Founder, Tikau

FIBRE lampshade, available for pre-order at


FIBRE Lampshades, including a black wire and lamp holder set. 

Small: Height 69cm, 1st ring 15cm, 2nd ring 30cm, 3rd ring 45cm (in middle). 280 €

Medium: Height 115cm, 1st ring 27cm, 2nd ring 54cm, 3rd ring 80cm (in middle). 380 €

XLarge: Height 150cm, 1st ring 40cm, 2nd ring 80cm, 3rd ring 110cm (in middle). 560 € 

Colours: Natural brown

Delivery time. 11-18 weeks. The progress of the pandemic may cause delays and affect the delivery time, in which case we will notify each customer separately.