Candle & Tea Light Holders

Explore our luxury range of candle and tea light holders – all designed in the UK – which act as contemporary sculptural interventions as much as they are functional pieces.

Our collection of modern candle holders includes our much-loved Spin series - an industrial-strength piece of table-top engineering that can produce infinite arrangements, as well as our Etch tea light holders – crafted using sophisticated Digital Acid Etching methods usually reserved for making extra-fine holes in coffee filters and speaker grills. We, however, use the technique to filter light, not coffee or sound. The result? Modern tea light holders that cast intricate shadows and give out a soft, ambient glow when lit from within.

Our Rock tea light holders are a product of our long-term love affair with marble – stackable candle holders that act as domestic sculptural interventions.

Then there are our Swirl candle holders – a series of geometric forms stacked upon one another, created with a new material that resembles 3D marbled paper, yet has the weight of stone.