Rondure House: a place of rare brilliance

Rondure House: a place of rare brilliance

Rondure House

First Australian residential space project by Tom Dixon's Design Research Studio

'Of French origin, the word ‘Rondure’ refers to gracefully rounded curves. These shapes, inspired by nature, form the distinctive architecture of Rondure House.' - Knight Frank

Rondure House sets a new precedent in refined living. Coveted Studley Park is home to the work of our most celebrated architects of Australian Brutalism – a movement that returned architecture to its purest form by stripping back excessive ornamentation. Modern-day exponent – boutique developer Above Zero’s AJ Batra, assembled a team with a shared passion to create an unparalleled project within this tightly held precinct. This was a collaboration between Cera Stribley Architects and our Design Research Studio which culminated in a design statement of outstanding significance.

This is a place of rare brilliance – a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

This project involved a series of bespoke Tom Dixon objects designed specifically for Rondure House bringing a truly unique proposition to the Melbourne market.⁠ The imaginative play of light created by Tom Dixon and Design Research Studio provides an experience one would normally expect to find at a contemporary art installation. Tom’s superb choice of iconic British Wingback chairs with their expressive sweeping curves provides residents with a means to greet friends in grand style or simply enjoy for themselves.

Here are some words from an interview with Tom regarding this project:

What is it like designing a residential project like this?

'Residential is always more challenging as a typology, as you are dealing with someone who will encounter your work every day for a decade or even a lifetime, it’s a serious responsibility. The challenge in show flats is also the problem of not having an actual client – you have to balance having enough character to stand out with a broad enough appeal, yet make it popular amongst a variety of unknown owners.'

Do you approach it differently than how you would a hotel or a commercial space? What are some of the things you have to think about when designing a space for permanent living?

'A hotel, a restaurant or a spa should be a magical experience where you can dream and get away from the everyday mundane. A home is a place which is a haven that you can always retreat to, a place to work and play forever.'

Working with the Rondure House team;

'With our shared appreciation of brutalist architecture, of high quality materials and rough textures, we were delighted to be invited to collaborate on this unusually high quality and well thought out project, and believe we can add a series of innovative interventions in luminosity, in texture and comfort to a world class project.'


Developer: Above Zero (AU)
Architecture: Cera Stribley Architects⁠
Landscaping: Eckersley Garden Architecture⁠
Images: Stab Studio