Lighting to SLEEP by - Tom Dixon

Lighting to SLEEP by - Tom Dixon



October Lighting Month 2018



When we consider lighting to sleep by, that's easy, just turn the lights off. In actual fact, lighting is possibly the most important element in the design of bedrooms and spaces for resting and sleeping. The temperature, brightness, diffusion and refraction of light are all key elements in the creation of a soporific space.


With MELT we created a distorted sphere that refracts, filters and softens the light considerably. MELT can help create an environment perfect for sleep. 


We are always trying to make lights look interesting whether they are off or on. MELT works because it makes an extraordinary series of internal reflections, but also have an organic looking exterior. A distorted metal globe when it is off and when it's on, depending on which colour you have, it looks like a volcano or even a meteorite.


When you look through the very very thin layer of aluminium, which is only 2 microns thick, it throws out a light which quite naturalistic - light you might get when the sun is reflected off the water for instance or lights that you see on the amazing photographs of the Hubble telescope from NASA.



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