(HOW TO) Upholstery with Rush

(HOW TO) Upholstery with Rush

(HOW TO) Upholstery with Rush


''To upholster with rush— it allowed us to go a bit mad, to push all our boundaries.''


At London Design Festival, Rush Matters upholstered a Tom Dixon bespoke chaise lounge. A trick of the mind, to see a tree bent like this; not gnarled or knotted, but looped together in impossibly soft tubes, and spun, like cotton candy, into a gentle slope.

The premise seems impossible — you might as well upholster in rock or spun sugar, when witnessing how these sturdy plants are thwacked together. Here, at last, is design that makes of nature something inexhaustible — rather than simply exhausting it.

We're giving you the chance to own this chair and acquire a unique handcrafted chaise longue with a charity auction on our Instagram Stories. ⁠

All of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to COVID-19 Response Fund by @who. ⁠


Rush Matters Chair by Tom Dixon


Auction Terms and Conditions.

1. The auctioned item is a decorative art piece.

2. Minimum bid is £500.

3. The auction ends 23:59 (BST) on the 6th April 2020.


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