DUET®: Tom Dixon x Sorensen Leather

DUET®: Tom Dixon x Sorensen Leather


Tom Dixon x Sorensen Leather

A collaboration with Sorensen Leather sees the creation of a collection of double-sided Aniline leather


In collaboration with Sorensen, we’ve created DUET®, a new type of full-grained leather, developed with one side in nubuck and the other side in rustic suede.


As the first leather of its kind with this double-sided approach, we've worked with Sorensen Leather to combine design with our obsession with materiality. While nubuck is known for its velvety-like touch, suede has an understated elegance with slightly more depth. To be able to feature them together in one leather is a cutting-edge concept.


DUET®'s colour scheme, featuring earthy and somewhat pastel neutrals, along with accent colours that pop, reflects our design universe. The unconventional use of leather and daring colour palette challenges peoples' assumptions about leather textures and tones.



Tom Dixon Fat Bar Stools in Sorensen Leather.



Suede Side                                                                                                                                                       Nubuck Side     














DUET® can be ordered here.