Stone Pestle and Mortar

Hours of grinding in our own London restaurant resulted in this weighty block of white Morwad marble and brass to smash pummel and grind spices and herbs. An exaggerated rounded lip allows you a firm grip as you work. The Pestle and Mortar comes in a solid mango wood box. Pair with our Stone Spice Grinder.

Warranty 12 months
Country of Manufacture India
Colour White/Light Grey
Material Marble
Family Stone
Box Weight 11.5lb
Box Depth 29cm/11.6in
Box Width 40cm/16in
Box Height 21cm/8.4in
Depth 25cm / 9.8in
Width 35cm / 13.7in
Height 21cm / 8.2 in
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The Stone Family

<p>A series of lighting and accessories inspired by the materiality of the same marble used to build the Taj Mahal. The hard, semi-precious surface which bears a unique fingerprint has transfixed architects, sculptors and designers for millennia, and for us too this is the dream material - tough yet tactile, heavy and long-lasting.</p>


Tom Dixon | Stone Pestle and Mortar