Plane Chandelier

A brass-plated statement chandelier comprising of 4 double-layered white glass spheres distributed over four tiers.  This space-filling classic chandelier creates a dramatic feature in any hotel lobby, dining room or restaurant. Also available in a smaller scale version - Short Chandelier.

Warranty 3 years
Country of Manufacture China
Finish Polished
Colour Brass
Material Brass Plated Steel/Glass
Family Plane
Ceiling Rose Shape Cone
Ceiling Rose Colour Brass
Cable Finish Black Braided
Cable Length 250 cm/98.4 in
Light Size Large
Box Weight 14.4kg
Box Depth 92cm/36.8in
Box Width 92cm/36.8in
Box Height 73cm/29.2in
Depth 105.6 cm/41.6 in
Width 105.6 cm/41.6 in
Height 75.4 cm/29.7 in
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The Plane Family

<p>Characterised by its simplicity and bold geometry, Plane is an excercise in expressive minimalism. A series of basic graphic silhouettes made from a brass-plated steel frame and a double-layered white glass sphere creating a mysterous optical illusion.</p>


Tom Dixon | Plane Chandelier