Slab Chair Natural

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When we decided to design a dining chair that sat comfortably with the Slab range, we wanted something humble but with personality, modern yet looking like it had always existed, familiar yet unique - and on top of that stacking and comfortable! So, it took us a long time, as that turned out to be a particularly challenging brief. But we think we have cracked it with this chair that can sit proudly in many environments - an honest piece of skilled woodwork.

Weight 33 lbs
Family Slab
Upholstered Yes
Product Spaces N/A
Depth 53cm/20.9in
Width 50cm/19.7in
Height 77cm/30.3in

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The Slab Family

Inspired by the stance and general demeanour of a bull; its haunchy aspect and muscular poise were translated into a chair and table set. Each piece has generous proportions, solid materiality and is softened with a gently radius edge.


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