Abstract Cushion Wine

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Abstract is the name we are giving a pair of cushions made using techniques from the rug and carpet industries. Thick, woolly, harder wearing and generally more substantial than most cushions these are hand tufted by extraordinarily skilled craftsmen.

This cushion is part of our limited edition Super Texture 2018.

Composition: Cushion Cover: 50% Linen, 24% Nylon, 26% Wool. Pad: 95% Duck Feather, 5% Duck Down.

Family Super Texture 2018
Finish Textile
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Width 45cm/17.71in
Height 45cm/17.71in

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The Super Texture 2018 Family

Continuing our exploration into the construction of cloth we dive deep into the weave, the knits and the knots, we add colour and extra texture to our textile range.


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