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  • Arc

    Solid brass table-top utensils with expressive forms, Arc is a celebration of no-fuss materiality. Made through a sand-casting process,...

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  • Ball

    Ball is a giant pendant formed from 12 black anodised aluminium panels, punched, folded and assembled into shape.

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  • Base

    The Base collection combines a shiny brass, a smooth finished brass or a highly-polished copper shade with a matt textured cast iron...

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  • Bash

    Bash vessel is made of brass and shaped by hand into an expressive crumpled form. It can be used as an extravagant flower vase, fruit...

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  • Beat

    Inspired by the sculptural simplicity of brass cooking pots and traditional vessels used in India. Each light is spun and hand-beaten,...

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  • Bell

    A range of hyper-polished lights. The mirrored surface allows Bell to reflect its characteristics and the colours of its surroundings....

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  • Block

    Block is our first venture into timepieces. Watches made from the most minimal components with Swiss movement mechanisms and an etched...

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  • Blow

    Made from plastic polycarbonate and using the technologically advanced process of vacuum metallisation. Copper Blow light gives a...

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  • Bone

    A range of sculptural solid brass tableware bearing a bone-like quality. The collection includes napkin rings, a bowl and a trivet.

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  • Book

    The book collection includes the first comprehensive book of Tom Dixon's last 30 years work and 100 million year old fossilised wood...

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  • Candle

    Understated elegance for the table top, a range of pillar and taper candles.

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  • Cast

    Manufactured in cast iron and inspired by British heritage, the collection includes paper weights, door stops, a nutcracker and a money...

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  • Cell

    Cell is designed to mimic faceted cellular growth and can be used in multiple geometric configurations. Made from layers of etched...

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  • Chop

    A range of chopping boards milled from solid oak with a soft curved edge. A paddle ideal for pizzas, a long board for charcuterie and a...

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