Multiplex at Teatro Manzoni, Milan

Multiplex at Teatro Manzoni, Milan

Multiplex is back at Cinema Manzoni

This April we bring MULTIPLEX to Milan - in the iconic Cinema and Galleria on via Manzoni - the epicentre of the city’s cultural and luxury shopping district. Against the backdrop of 50’s Italian glamour, we tell the stories and show our products of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The enormous 840-seat cinema and historic Galleria play host to a combination of culture, entertainment and commerce – the very essence of Milan Design Week. MULTIPLEX becomes a platform for fresh ideas, classic design and innovation, with a series of collaborators working on radical interventions on the theme of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Visitors will be able to see our new collections in a multitude of individual boutiques, discover our collaboration with IKEA, watch exclusive movies on creativity and radical design and seek an oasis of calm and comfort at the Johnny Walker Bar.

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Tom Dixon's Veteran Bird Chair for Multiplex, Milan 2017

The Veterans

Initially manufactured in Tom’s London metalwork shop many moons ago – and subsequently under license for 20 years of Italian production - these instantly recognisable designs are finally brought back home. Re-engineered, recoloured and reinvigorated for relaunch, their graphic, pop-art silhouettes feel just as fresh today as they did yesterday and will still be collector’s pieces tomorrow. The Veterans include: S Chair, Bird Chaise Lounge, Pylon Chair and Jack Lamp. 


Tom Dixon's Today - New Furniture and Lighting

New Collections and Pop-up shops

In the Galleria Manzoni, a classic shopping arcade is brought to life with a multitude of boutiques, some created by ourselves to highlight our newest products, some curated or collaborated on with our friends. The Galleria will host: The CHANDELIER store, a celebration of luminosity in the year of Euroluce, showcasing our latest adventures in futuristic optics ; The HABERDASHERY shop, where we’ve finally gone soft with our new SUPERTEXTURE range ; The PERFUMERY, where our new olfactory adventures come to life, The ANTIQUE centre, where our veterans are coming home and sit in a collector’s environment ; The RUBBER shop - Pirelli motorbikes and oil spill, rubber and chewing gum, all get dark and dirty in the workshop.

New Tom Dixon collections showing for the first time in Milan include:

CUT Pendant: Futuristic and faceted, Cut is an exercise in optics. Its space-age mirror finish when off transforms to reveal a translucent kaleidoscopic gem when switched on. Hypnotising reflections of the luminous orb within repeat infinitely within the diamond cut, vacuum metallised interior. Produced in both chrome and smoke finishes, small and long, pendant and surface – these are the latest adventures in our endless fascination with reflectivity, luminosity and transparency. Cluster for maximum effect.

MELT Surface: Squashed, squeezed, distorted and moulded into a flatter blob, Melt’s extraordinary luminosity has found new applications on wall, ceiling or floor. With its instantly recognisable metallised effect, this latest evolution of Melt is now destined to be mounted on any surface and is rated for both indoors or outdoors, from the bathroom to the ballroom. The versatility of the new shade is further enhanced by the soft glow of a new bulb. Truly there is now a MELT for every occasion.

SUPER-TEXTURE (cushions and throws)

After years of shiny metallics we’ve finally gone a little bit soft. SUPER-TEXTURE is our first foray into weaving, sewing and embellishing where we look at extreme textures of velvets, boucles and knits. Comprising of six textures (Soft, Deco, Boucle, Fleck, Check, Line) and designed to be stacked and combined, we like to think of textiles as a playground for tactility and a big canvas for colour. We’ve scoured the globe to source materials of uncompromising quality. The colours provide a subtle and soft background to this season’s metallic lighting, marble and glass accessories.


Tom Dixon and IKEA Delaktig bed

Tom Dixon X IKEA

IKEA will run a Film Festival at MULTIPLEX, highlighting the DELAKTIG ‘living platform’ project, our collaboration with the international behemoth. DELAKTIG is an experiment that challenges the conventional methods of creation and distribution of furniture and explores the notions of adaptability and futureproofing. The Bed-Sofa will be shown for the first time at MULTIPLEX.

As part of the DELAKTIG project and its open-source ambitions, we have also partnered with BEMZ – a Swedish textile design company specialising in custom-made covers for IKEA furniture - to create a unique collection of covers. We will be previewing a haute-couture concept of a DELAKTIG cover, with BEMZ, in the VIP lounge of MULTIPLEX.

Both DELAKTIG and Bemz x Tom Dixon will launch to the public in 2018. 

MULTIPLEX by Tom Dixon, featuring Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


4 - 9 April 2017

Teatro Manzoni
Via Manzoni, 42, 20121 Milano, Italy

Opening Hours
Tue - Sat 11am - 8pm, Sun 11am - 4pm